AIM YP, C/O Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce 
320 Walnut Street, ​Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

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The Young Professionals of Dearborn County AIM YP are an organization committed to the development of a highly diverse and enthusiastic network of strong social, professional, and charitable relationships for the purpose of creating awareness of the infinite opportunities in Greater Dearborn County. We are dedicated to assisting the youth of today so they may realize their true potential and assist in their quest to identify their individual path for success.

​​AIM YP is a sub-organization of the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce co-founded in 2009 by Amanda Ewbank and Andrea Ewan.

The organization is led by an advisory board of nine members. They are President Mike Wallace, Vice President Mike Perleberg, Treasurer Tom Palmer, Amanda Ewbank, Andrea Ewan, Alan Miller, Rachel Reynolds, and AJ Waltz.